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A&O Shearman Associate, Aditya Sarmah, produces better legal documents, faster, with Definely

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The Impact of Definely

In this Customer Story, we hear from A&O Shearman Associate, Aditya Sarmah, as he discusses the transformative impact that the Definely Suite has made on his document drafting process.

By integrating Definely's tools into his workflow, Aditya has experienced significant improvements in document quality and consistency, ultimately enhancing A&O Shearman's reputation in the market.

The chat highlights how Definely's tools have streamlined his drafting process, eliminating imperfections in his contracts and ensuring a more consistent output. This has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the firm's work product, benefiting both their clients and their standing within the legal industry.

“Your document is better and you’re working quicker, which means you can either do more work or get home earlier!”  

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