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How unybrands uses Definely Draft to maximise productivity, save time and improve cost-efficiencies.

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Unybrands is an Amazon aggregator that buys eCommerce brands who seek to grow on the Amazon platform.

As an in-house legal team, we spend a lot of time working with long, complex documents and the methods we previously used to draft and review contracts caused us to continuously lose the context of our review, which is frustrating, time-consuming and inefficient.

Definely Draft has allowed us to save time and maximise productivity, thereby allowing us to focus our resources on being a strategic advisor to the business.

Definely is a must-have tool if you are reviewing a suite of documents. It’s a very quick and effective way of working through definitions in complex documents and a much easier way to do it than the old-fashioned way.

Richard Cohen

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at unybrands

The Challenge

Across the legal team, and the business as a whole, our goal is to automate as many processes as possible. One of the biggest drains on time, as any lawyer can attest to, is the time spent navigating through legal documents.

Legal documents are littered with definitions and section references which are fundamental to understanding an agreement. When reviewing a document, I cannot understand a clause or provision by simply reading it. Instead, I am required to continuously navigate away from that provision to access all the embedded information (definitions and section references) which ultimately give meaning to the clause or provision being reviewed.

On more complex documents, you often find yourself getting lost in definitions that sit within definitions and before you know it, you’ve lost the entire context of your review. It is a very frustrating and time-consuming exercise.

unybrands Goal

To free up more time for the legal team to focus on value-adding work without increasing costs or headcount.

The Outcome

I support the business’ legal side with managing risk, advising on strategy and moving the business forward in a way that is legally appropriate for the client. We don't just advise on these areas but execute them too; whether that’s enabling M&A activity, allowing the company to go out into the market and raise money or ensuring the products and brands we sell are done so in a compliant way.

Definely has massively reduced the amount of time that I, and the rest of the team, spend working on legal documents. The product is easy to use and the ability to access all of the information within a contract without leaving the clause you’re reviewing saves us both time and a headache.

The time that Definley saves us allows us to focus more on our clients, instead of spending time battling the inefficiencies associated with reviewing legal documents in MS Word.

  • Maximised productivity
  • Improved cost efficiency
  • More client-centric
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Yes I would and I already have.
Richard Cohen

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