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Legal Documents Made Simple

Legal documents are fundamental as they govern the relationship between two parties, however, they are extremely complex in nature.

Definely makes accessing and understanding the information within legal documents simple.

Who We Are

Named in the top 25 of the prestigious Deloitte UK Technology Fast50 in 2023, Definely is a fast-growing, Microsoft-backed company transforming the $900bn global legal services market.

Definely addresses the number one issue associated with drafting, reviewing and understanding legal documents. You no longer need to ctrl+f, print out a legal document or scroll endlessly just to access the information (defined terms and references) you need to understand the clause or provision being reviewed.

Definely was founded by two former Magic Circle lawyers, one of whom is registered blind. They set out to make legal documents more accessible to those with visual impairments and soon realised their solution had much wider implications.

Fast forward to today, law firms and in-house legal teams such as Dentons, Deloitte and Allen & Overy use the Definely Suite (Vault, DraftProof and PDF) to simplify the process of reviewing documents, maximising efficiency and improving the accuracy of their contracts.


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Our Mission

Definely is on a mission to simplify the way the world understands information.

Information without understanding is meaningless. Our mission is to create tools that simplify the way the world understands information.

Our Story

Our co-founders, Nnamdi and Feargus, worked together at Magic Circle Firm, Freshfields, in the Banking and Finance department.

At the time, Feargus was one of the few registered blind lawyers in London. When working on a transaction, Nnamdi became curious as to how Feargus managed to navigate complex legal agreements with his visual impairment, which raised the question “What solution would make this easier?”

Feargus said “if there was a way to access defined terms and references without having to leave the clause I am working on, it would save me so much time.” From there the journey began!

Together, they set out to discover a way to increase the accessibility of legal documents to those with visual impairments and realised their innovation solved a pain point faced by all lawyers on a daily basis.


Definely Leadership

Nnamdi Emelifeonwu
Co-Founder & CEO
Feargus MacDaeid
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Dave McKenzie
Chief Operating Officer
Rhys Hodkinson
Chief Revenue Officer
Corinne Thompson
Chief Financial Officer
Bruce Elliott
Head of Product
David Silva
Chief Technology Officer
Sigurjón Ísaksson
Head of Artificial Intelligence
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