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Unlock the power of your firm’s collective knowledge and draft better contracts, faster.

Using our AI-driven algorithm and OCR technology, Definely Vault leverages your organisation’s internal contract repository to allow users to surface and insert precedent clauses and information where they need it in their documents.

A single source of truth

Achieve consistent contracts across your entire organisation by easily connecting Vault to your Document Management System.

Your Second BrAIn

Imagine remembering every clause your firm has ever written and being able to drop any one of those clauses into your contract instantly.

Better Contracts, Faster

Surface and insert the right ‘gold standard’ precedent or a relevant clause from within your firm’s own knowledge bank within seconds.

The Definely Suite

Vault is the start of your journey through the Definely Suite.
Create, draft and review legal documents in one place, with one plugin.

Seamlessly integrates with everything you need!

Knowledge at your fingertips

Upload documents into your knowledge base without leaving where you are.

Save clauses and definitions into your knowledge base to save time for future reviews across your firm.

Choose the right clause every time

Our algorithms not only suggest multiple relevant clauses from your knowledge base, it grades them in order of how relevant they are to your specific contract, using a red, amber and green system.

Draft Smarter with Autosuggest

See auto-complete texts and suggestions of clauses based on your firm’s best practice to speed up your drafting.

Draft bespoke contracts faster

Vault integrates directly into MS Word, and seamlessly slots into your current contract drafting workflow.

While you are inserting or updating a clause, Vault can insert the relevant definitions and updates the cross-references associated with that clause.

Streamline your contract review

See a red-line comparison of your drafted clause against your firm’s gold standard, helping you to quickly quality-proof your draft.

How Vault Works

Connect Vault to Your Knowledge Base
Vault analyses, categorises and stores the information within your Knowledge Base
You search Vault for what you need
Our AI surfaces the most relevant clauses based on a RAG system

Want to see Vault in action?

Schedule a short, no-commitment demo with our team to see how Vault can help your organisation.

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