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Spend less time drafting legal documents and more time on the work that matters most.

Draft allows lawyers to access and edit all the information (defined terms and cross-references) contained across their legal documents without ever navigating away from the clause or provision being reviewed.

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Your one-click tool for drafting legal documents

Never Lose Context

Access and edit all the information (defined terms and cross-references) across your legal documents without ever leaving the clause or provision you’re reviewing.

Save Hours Every Week

You’ll never need to ctrl+f, print out a legal document or scroll endlessly ever again. Save time hunting down definitions and cross-references.

Work In MS Word

Whether you’re on Windows or Mac, Draft plugs directly in your existing MS Word workflow, is easy to use and does not require any complex IT processes to set up.

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The Definely Suite

Draft helps you in the active drafting stage of the contract lifecycle.
Access and edit all of the information in your document without ever losing context.

Trusted by legal teams

“Running Definely is the first thing I do when opening a contract. I would not want to draft a contract without Definely.”

Ben Brooks

Associate at Allen & Overy

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Draft in Action

No more playing hide and seek in your contracts, definitions and references are now a double-click away. Watch a quick video of Draft in action.

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Double-click defined terms & references

Access and understand the meaning of any defined term or cross-reference across your legal document without ever navigating away from where you are in your document.

The Definely Side Panel displays all the information you need to understand the clause or provision you are reviewing.

Edit in split screen

Edit any defined term or cross-reference in split screen, meaning you can update the terms throughout your document without ever leaving the provision you are reviewing. Plus you can integrate with track changes.

Work across multiple documents

When information is scattered across different documents, Draft allows you to link multiple documents together so that you can understand and edit the information and update this across every document you’re working on.

Scan large legal documents in seconds

When you scan your legal contract, within seconds Draft identifies every defined term, undefined term and unused term in your document.

You can work through the Definitions Report to ensure your document is seamless and error-free.

The only tool of its kind

Draft is the only solution on the market that aids lawyers in the active drafting stage of the contract lifecycle - namely drafting, negotiating and reviewing legal documents. Draft also seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Definely Suite, making it the only unified contract solution out there.
Trusted by leading law firms & in-house teams
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