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Definely named 23rd fastest growing technology company in the UK in Deloitte Technology Fast 50
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Pristine legal documents in less time with your personal AI-powered proofreader

Move over spell check, it’s time for Definely Proof, the professional proofreading solution for lawyers. Let AI help you produce cleaner contracts and protect your reputation.

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Your AI-Powered Legal Proofreading Solution

with AI
Maximise productivity and automate hundreds of proofreading checks with the click of a button
Protect Your
Feel confident that your contracts are error-free with your personal proofreading solution
Win More
Let AI do the legwork for you
so you can spend less time proofreading and more time billing
For lawyers,
by lawyers
Designed specifically for lawyers, Definely Proof does everything you wish spell check could and more

Proofreading made simple with Definely Proof

Schedule a 20 minute demo with our legal technology experts to find out how Definely Proof can help you save time and maximise efficiency!

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Manually proofreading is an inefficient use of your time and your clients’ money - Definely Proof uses AI to help you to correct inconsistencies quickly, so you can focus on the work that matters.

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Find defined terms that are not capitalised
Definely Draft Product Icon
Pinpoint incorrect or inconsistent capitalisation
Definely Draft Product Icon
Locate any inconsistent capitalisation of a defined term
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definition issues

Definition issues can have severe consequences for you and your client, but spotting them can be like finding a needle in a haystack - Definely Proof pinpoints errors overlooked by the human eye.

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Fix inconsistent punctuation, quotes, styles and fonts
Definely Draft Product Icon
Sort defined terms into the correct alphabetical order
Definely Draft Product Icon
Flag terms used in a document before they have
been defined

Definely Proof provides a range of innovative tools which allows me to further reduce the administrative burden in my day-to-day drafting by addressing the pain of proofreading.

Anton Jarbol, Associate and Dentons, Headshot
Anton Jarbøl
Associate at Dentons
Dentons Definely Customer Logo
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Errors in your documents can needlessly slow down the contracting process - produce pristine contracts with flawless formatting every time with Definely Proof.

Definely Draft Product Icon
Report issues by category for easy review
Definely Draft Product Icon
Identify incorrect, missing, inconsistent or double spacing
Definely Draft Product Icon
Ensure perfect alignment between all numbers and
their corresponding description in the document
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drafting notes

Drafting notes can easily go unnoticed in a manual review but they don’t have to be your downfall - Definely Proof helps you detect placeholders, markups and comments for deletion.

Definely Draft Product Icon
Flag empty parenthesis and brackets in your agreement
Definely Draft Product Icon
Highlight underscores, underlines or highlighted text
Definely Draft Product Icon
Identify inserted comments that should be removed
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Save time
with Smart Search

Say goodbye to using CTRL+F to find numbers, dates, times and locations - Smart Search extracts all the information you need in one place for an easy review.

Definely Draft Product Icon
Flag any mention of numbers or money in the document
Definely Draft Product Icon
Locate all the dates and times in the document
Definely Draft Product Icon
Highlight any use of geographic locations in the document
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Catch cross-
reference issues

Failing to include or properly cite references to external documents in your contract can leave you open to challenge - Definely Proof catches cross-references that slip through the net.

Definely Draft Product Icon
Identify cross-references that are not hyperlinked
Definely Draft Product Icon
Locate cross-references not found or need updating
Definely Draft Product Icon
Detect mentions of external documents in your agreement

We’re confident you’ll love Definely Proof too. See it for yourself!

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