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Minimal IT effort required to deploy Definely

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IT as the enablers of LegalTech

Milbank is a premier international law firm handling high-profile, complex cases and business transactions through 12 offices worldwide. In today's technology-driven landscape, adopting software solutions is essential for enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. However, software vendors are often solely focused on the end user with less effort applied to streamlining the process for the IT teams responsible for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the software. The below case study highlights how Milbank was able to deploy Definely without the need for a complex implementation process, whilst delivering significant productivity gains to their lawyers.

T r u s t e d   b y   l e g a l   t e a MS

“The intuitive nature of Definely, coupled with minimal IT intervention, meant we were able to deploy Definely without any interruption to existing IT projects and workloads. The provision of comprehensive, tailored training and support, meant we, as the IT team, were able to deliver significant productivity gains to our lawyers."

Annette Brown

Head of IT at Milbank LLP

Overcoming competing IT priorities

First and foremost, it is important to engage IT teams early on in the buying journey, bringing them into product demonstrations and addressing technical questions and concerns upfront.

In Definely’s case, the IT team at Milbank was engaged simultaneously with the lawyers and brought into product demonstrations. Importantly, Milbank was proactively provided with the necessary information around Definely’s information security protocols and supporting materials on ease of deployment.

What was most attractive about Definely from an IT standpoint is that it is a plug-and-play, self-contained add-in to MS Word, with no confidential or personal data being processed or leaving a user’s machine. This made implementing Definely a lightweight exercise for the IT team.

In addition to the above, Definely:

  • Seamlessly integrates, and is interoperable with, the firm’s existing software and infrastructure
  • Provides tailored training and support, with the customer success team brought in early in the buying process
  • Requires low maintenance and internal resources, taking the headache away from already stretched IT teams

Definely: a quick win for LegalTech deployment

Given the high demand among Milbank’s lawyers, Milbank IT were able to deploy and implement Definely in a short time frame and with a negligible impact on existing projects and workloads, making it a quick win and “low hanging fruit” when evaluating LegalTech solutions.


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