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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing & Installation
What training options are available?
My IT department has questions, who do I reach out to?
How do I purchase Definely’s products?
How do I install Definely’s products?
Do I need to insert my card details to trial Definely?
Can I trial Definely products free before purchasing?
Using Definely
Will Definely interfere with my MS Word document?
Is Definely private to my account only?
How do I make a feature request?
Does Definely work across multiple languages?
Do I have to structure my contracts in a specific way?
Does Definely integrate with DMS systems?
Account Management
How do I upgrade my plan or buy additional Definely products?
How do I view my licences and products?
How do I add additional licences or users?
How do I access my account?
Billing & Subscriptions
Where can I access my paid invoices?
Can I cancel my subscription?
How do I change the credit card for my subscription?
Who do I contact if Definely doesn’t work?
I found a bug! What should I do?