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Introducing Definely Proof - The AI-Powered Proofreading Solution for Lawyers
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Jun 27, 2022

Say hello to Definely Proof

Bruce Elliott
Head of Product

AI-Powered Proofreading for Lawyers

Move over spell check, it’s time for the experts to take over.

After the success of our flagship product Definely Draft, we are excited to bring you Definely Proof - the AI-powered legal proofreading solution made especially for lawyers.

The need for legal-specific proofreading

As a former lawyer, our Founder and CEO, Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, has first-hand experience of the challenges lawyers face on a daily basis when dealing with legal documents. Lawyers are expected to put together pristine contracts with very little turnaround time, which can naturally lead to errors. 

My goal is to create solutions that solve pain points throughout the contract lifecycle. Proofreading your contracts is vital, but it doesn't have to be time-consuming. With Definely Proof, lawyers can create pristine contracts in less time, so they can get back to the work that matters to them and their clients. Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, Founder & CEO of Definely

A LexisNexis survey found that 66% of lawyers feel under too much time pressure to proofread contracts properly, and a further 33% admit to skipping proofreading documents altogether. A separate report from LexisNexis found that from a random sample of legal documents that had been “proofread”, 90% of them still contained errors. 

The fact that legal documents are the manifestation of a lawyer’s knowledge and skill, combined with the time pressures involved in producing them and the tedious nature of proofreading creates a perfect bellwether for a legal-specific proofreading solution. While generic proofreading tools exist, they often produce too much noise (false positives) to provide meaningful insights for the user.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a lawyer at a large private practice firm, the accuracy of your legal documents and the speed at which you can produce them is paramount. However, doing it manually is not a productive use of a lawyer's time or time that your client may be willing to pay for.

The answer? Definely Proof

What does Definely Proof do?

Definely Proof is a proofreading solution designed specifically for legal documents, so you can feel confident that it can handle the unique formatting and idiosyncrasies of legal documents. It allows lawyers to produce cleaner contracts in less time, maximising your firm's efficiency and allowing you to protect your reputation.

Utilising Definely’s proprietary AI and existing algorithms, Definely Proof allows you to identify inconsistencies and errors within your contract and fix them without leaving the provision you are working on. Carry out hundreds of automated proofreading checks with the click of a button, and view the report categorised by issues for an easy review. 

Definely Proof is not only a vehicle to maximise efficiency, increase revenue and reduce risk - it’s also a lure for top talent. 

Firms leveraging legal technology to make their lawyers' lives easier are already one step ahead. In a recent IBA report, 40% of lawyers believed that Artificial Intelligence and legal technology are critical for their future within the profession. When we know that 64% of respondents at corporations believe 'routine contract work' hurts employee morale, leveraging technology to remedy this is a great way to retain talent and improve employee wellbeing. 

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Save time hunting down definitions and references and focus on work clients value

Save time hunting down definitions and references and focus on work clients value

Save time hunting down definitions and references and focus on work clients value