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Key information in a single click

Definely scans your document in a matter of seconds, highlighting key information. Simply double click any defined term or reference in your document and access the meaning in the side panel.

Improve accuracy and decrease risk

Intuitive tools to keep your context

Definely is packed with features to help you stay focused, improve accuracy and decrease risk. Edit any definition or reference using our split screen and insert definitions without having to leave the provision you are working on.

Integrate seamlessly with your practice

Definely meets you where you are

Definely works with Microsoft Word and PDF. Easily access defined terms contained in separate agreements from the document you are working on with our multi docs feature and integrate fully with track changes.

Gain insight into your contracts

Useful reports for clean contracts

Generate useful definition and reference reports to clean up your defined, undefined and unused terms, all in one place. Drafting has never been so simple.

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