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How Definely Draft Promotes Work-Life Harmony for Lawyers

Work-life harmony for lawyers can appear as something of a paradox.

After all, according to a Reuters 2023 study, 66% of legal professionals feel that their time in the industry has been detrimental to their mental health.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Smart features of LegalTech are here to stay. 

For example, Definely Draft eliminates Ctrl+F, split screens, and endless document scrolling. This enables much more effective remote work and contributes to significant time savings and reducing workplace stress.

Read on to learn how your law firm can reclaim time, focus on high-value work, and achieve better work-life harmony for lawyers.

LegalTech and billable hours

With some firms expecting their associates to put in 2000+ billable hours, any LegalTech that helps to increase productivity is certainly a welcome addition. For instance, the use of LegalTech can automate many of the non-billable and repetitive tasks that take time away from billable work.

By streamlining contract drafting and review processes, Definely Draft enables lawyers to spend less time on non-billable admin tasks and more time on billable client work. This improved efficiency directly translates into increased billable hours for firms. Lawyers are freed up to dedicate a higher proportion of their workday to revenue-generating activities.

With its advanced AI-powered proofreading capabilities, Definely Draft can quickly identify errors, inconsistencies, and areas that need improvement in legal documents. 

This not only saves lawyers valuable time but also reduces the risk of costly mistakes.

By automating mundane tasks and providing intelligent insights, specialist LegalTech empowers lawyers to focus on high-value, strategic work that requires human judgement and expertise. This shift in focus not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a greater sense of job satisfaction and fulfilment.

Law firm giant Slaughter & May use both Definely Draft, our one-click tool for drafting legal documents. They were also the very first firm to onboard Definely Proof, our AI-powered legal proofreading tool. The combination of both allows its lawyers to draft and review legal documents in one place, with one tool.

The law firm identified that its lawyers were spending too much time proofreading documents, which is an inefficient use of their time. Jack Higgins, Associate as Slaughter & May, comments: “Before Definely I used to either have to scroll up and down in the same document, which was really clunky and laborious, or I'd have to have multiple versions of the same document open, which obviously takes up space on your computer. It's not a very sensible or efficient way to work.”

The LegalTech features you need to work smarter

Legal document drafting and editing

Definely Draft saves time in intuitive ways. 

It offers a one-click tool for drafting documents that allows you to search for definitions and cross-references, work across multiple documents with integrated track changes, and enables you to pinpoint information. All without navigating away from the provision you’re working on and keeping your context.

 Scan large legal documents in seconds

Simply scan your legal contract, and within seconds Draft identifies every defined term, undefined term, and unused term in your document. You can work through the Definitions Report to ensure your document is seamless and error-free.

Work in Microsoft Word

Whether you’re on Windows or Mac, Definely Draft plugs directly in your existing MS Word workflow, is easy to use, and does not require any complex IT processes to set up.

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Get your time back with Definely Draft

The time savings provided by Definely Draft can equal fewer late nights at the office; leading to more opportunities to pursue personal interests and spending quality time with loved ones! This balance between work and personal life is crucial for maintaining mental well-being and preventing burnout, which can have detrimental effects on both individual lawyers and the overall success of their firms.

Definely offers LegalTech solutions to promote efficiency and minimise time spent on non-billable tasks: 

Definely Proof uses AI technology to automate hundreds of proofreading checks at the click of a button. Correct punctuation, quotes, styles, and fonts to ensure all formatting is consistent with your firm’s style. It also flags terms that have not yet been defined in your legal document. 

Definely Draft offers another way to address time management issues by facilitating friction-free legal drafting. Our software also helps conscientious firms meet their ESG targets to reduce firm-wide carbon emissions by removing the need to print hard copies of legal documents. Taking paper usage as an example, one of our users told us: “I would print out almost every contract I had to review given how complex they were to navigate digitally (before Definely that is). If you think that the average contract I review could be anywhere from 70 to 200 pages and I might review at least 50 contracts a year you're looking at anywhere from 3500 to 10 000 pages per lawyer. Definely eradicates this need.”

Finding LegalTech that manages your workload is easier than ever. Book a demo of our smart solution and discover first-hand how to improve your productivity with LegalTech.

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