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How LegalTech Redefines Productivity for Partners

How LegalTech Redefines Productivity for Partners

We get it, you're a law firm partner expected to wear many hats. 

This looks like:

  • Retaining young talent
  • Maintaining high realisation rates
  • Managing growing client demands for efficiency and value.
  • Staying ahead of intense competition, especially from firms that have adopted advanced tech.

We know it’s not easy. 

To regain productivity rates and handle your growing list of demands, you must think like a forward-thinking, competitive player in the legal market. 

Happily, Definely is here to help. 

In this article, we’re going to show you how the right LegalTech (specifically Definely) can significantly improve your realisation rates. For example, you can begin by automating the 20% of tasks that you traditionally can’t bill for. 

What will you do with the extra time?

Address and solve your client’s needs, probably. Build client relationships and ensure your team has enough billable work. There’s plenty to do.

The necessity of efficiency and profitability

Automation tools enhance matter profitability by ensuring more work of the work done by you and your team is billable.

Instead of wasting time on repetitive, non-billable tasks, you can focus your team's efforts on high-value, client-facing work.

This boosts your overall firm profitability in several ways:

1. Increases billable hours: By automating repetitive tasks, you free up your team to bill more of their time.

2. Improves realisation rates: You can bill a higher percentage of the hours your team works.

3. Enhances client satisfaction: Clients appreciate the efficiency and value you provide, which can lead to more business and higher rates.

4. Strengthens talent retention: Young lawyers are drawn to firms that leverage technology to create a better work-life balance and more meaningful work.

In short, legal technology helps you do more with less - an absolute necessity in today's highly competitive legal landscape.

Let’s look at these benefits in a little more detail. 

Increases billable hours

One of the main advantages of LegalTech like Definely is its ability to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 

This automation is crucial, as it liberates your team from mundane activities. The result of this is a stronger focus on more complex and billable work. By redirecting efforts from non-billable to billable tasks, your team can maximise their billable hours and directly enhance the firm’s productivity and financial outcomes. 

This shift not only boosts revenue but also optimises the use of your human resources to make every hour count.

Improves realisation rates

With the integration of LegalTech, your firm can significantly improve realisation rates. 

This is achieved by ensuring that a higher percentage of the hours worked by your team are billable and ultimately billed to clients. LegalTech streamlines task management and reduces errors and inefficiencies, which too often can lead to unbilled time. As a result, you capture more billable time, reduce leakage, and increase revenue without adding extra work hours. 

Boom: a more profitable practice.

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Enhances client satisfaction

Advanced solutions like Definely play an important role in transforming how services are delivered. 

Wave goodbye to manual and time-consuming tasks, and say hello to accuracy and speed. Happy clients are more likely to return and refer others, boosting your firm’s reputation and client base. This innovative approach ensures that your services are not just faster, but also of higher quality, enabling you to meet deadlines with ease and precision. 

Something your clients will undoubtedly appreciate.

Strengthens talent retention

Young lawyers often seek positions that offer more than just financial rewards - they want roles that provide work-life balance and opportunities for meaningful engagement. 

LegalTech facilitates this by reducing the burden of repetitive tasks and allowing lawyers to engage more with substantive legal work. Let’s take an example. Definely Draft eliminates endless scrolling, Ctrl+F, split screens and hard copies. Simply unlock the meaning of any definition or reference in the Definely Draft side panel with a double click.

From scanning large documents in seconds to working across multiple documents, Definely Draft is the route to efficiency. Laura Bygrave, Head of Commercial, at Deloitte Legal Managed Services tells us that, “Each of our lawyers using Definely saves 45 minutes per day.”

The shift that the right LegalTech delivers not only enhances job satisfaction but also helps both their personal and professional development. Which means your firm can offer a more attractive and supportive work environment - an essential element for retaining ambitious, tech-savvy legal talent who are crucial for your firm’s future growth.

Redefine productivity today with Definely 

Implementing LegalTech to simplify your workload is the very best way you can redefine productivity in your firm. 

Our legal drafting solution also enables everything to be done in-house, with ease and efficiency that cumbersome and manual document drafting could never achieve. We understand that no busy law firm has the time to learn an entirely new piece of software.  Designed by busy lawyers, for busy lawyers - Definely Draft looks and feels familiar, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Book a demo today and discover how your law firm can benefit from a legal document drafting solution. 

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