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Introducing Definely Draft for Mac

Friction-free drafting, now on Mac

Apple users, the wait is over - Definely Draft is here!

We pride ourselves on meeting lawyers where they are and creating tools that integrate seamlessly into their existing contract workflow, so we’re excited to announce that Definely Draft is now available for MS Word on Mac. Whether they’re team Apple or team Windows, all lawyers can unlock friction-free drafting.

Find the meaning of any definition or reference with a double-click.

The evolution of Definely

Definely was created by two lawyers working at Magic Circle law firm Freshfields, one of whom was one of the very few registered blind lawyers in The City. Searching for a solution to make legal documents more accessible, our co-founders soon realised that their innovation solved a problem that all lawyers face daily.

Definely Draft automates non-billable tasks so that lawyers spend less time playing hide and seek with the definitions and references in their contracts and more time on the work that matters. Created for lawyers, by lawyers, The Definely Suite is used and loved by many of the world's largest law firms, financial institutions and multinational corporations, including Deloitte, Allen & Overy and Dentons.

The Definely Draft you know and love

Definely’s mission is to simplify the way the world understands information and our aim is to build solutions that are accessible for all and platform agnostic. Up until now, the Definely Draft plug-in for MS Word has been only available on Windows. With more and more lawyers opting to use a Mac for work, we’ve launched the tools lawyers know and love for Apple.

“Lawyers are embracing technology to redefine the way they practice law. We’re seeing an increase in legal professionals choosing to use Apple products, but few LegalTech providers offer solutions for Mac. Definely is committed to creating tools that meet lawyers where they are, so we’re delighted to be able to offer Definely Draft to all lawyers, wherever they work.” Bruce Elliott, Head of Product at Definely

How does Definely Draft for Mac work?

Definely Draft for Mac has the same look and feel as its Windows counterpart and is packed full of features to help you save time and increase efficiency.

Are you a Mac user? Start your free 14-day trial or talk to our sales team and join the thousands of lawyers delivering more value in less time with Definely!

Join a growing community of legal professionals digitally transforming the way they work.
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