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The Definely Team
Aug 18, 2022

Meet The Interns 2022 - Definely summer internship programme

Delicia Owusu-Akontoh
Operations Associate

Meet The Interns

After an immensely successful 2021 internship programme, we’re excited to announce that we’ve brought it back for 2022! Our internship programme is a great opportunity for graduates to experience life working at a leading start-up. Say hello to our 2022 summer cohort!

The Commercial Interns

Riya Gupta, Marketing Intern

Hello, I am Riya Gupta, and I recently completed my master's in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at Kingston University, London. I am one of the marketing interns at Definely. If I were to describe my first two weeks here in a nutshell, it has been full of learning and implementation, and I would not have it any other way. Having graduated in marketing, I have always enjoyed the freedom that we have to choose any industry we like. So, I was very intrigued when I came across this internship on LinkedIn, a start-up introducing a drafting solution for lawyers. 

Our first week here was filled with meetings with various departments where they demonstrated the product to us as if we were potential clients. Before that first meeting, I was nervous about not knowing anything technical. I won’t lie; it was a little intimidating. It is not a daily occurrence to get an opportunity to hear the origin story of the start-up from the founder himself. However, the nervousness was short-lived, thankfully. The entire staff at Definely have made us feel very comfortable. They welcomed our questions and answered all our doubts with the utmost patience. The basics of the company helped us to understand the product better and go into marketing with a clear vision and a story to tell.

After the initial introduction to essential software, Elliott and Jess, the marketing team at Definely, set us tasks to familiarise ourselves with the processes. Our responsibilities then further increased during the latter half of the first week. My tasks included creating media publication lists, putting up paid ads, editing an article for the website and creating an analytics dashboard. 

As a recent graduate, it’s exciting to put the theoretical knowledge I gained during my master’s into the real world. Although it has only been two weeks, I have learned much more than one would expect. We just set our goals for the next week today, and I am pretty excited to see how the rest of the internship progresses. 

Matthew Withnall, Marketing Intern

Hello, my name is Matthew Withnall, I am a graduate in Business and Hispanic studies at the University of Liverpool and I recently completed my professional diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). The first few days at Definely have been nothing short of amazing – on only the second day of the internship programme myself and Riya, the other marketing intern, were given real work to carry out, something that both surprised and delighted me! Two weeks in, and we have become well acquainted with the various marketing tools and software used by the department - we’ve contributed to blog posts, created ads and workshopped ideas that could be turned into future campaigns. 


Being at Definely does not feel like any other internship, it is a credit to the culture that’s been created here. We’ve been warmly welcomed in by the team and encouraged to be as proactive as possible, to ask questions, to know that support is always at hand and to just throw ourselves into our respective roles. Being able to contribute with real work that adds value is exactly the sort of challenge I was looking for and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the internship programme brings!  


Syed Shajee, Sales Intern

Hi my name is Syed and I have recently completed my MBA. I have three years of business development and sales experience at IT companies. I feel privileged to join Definely and so far my day-to-day learning and overall experience here has been great! I am lucky to find such a supportive team around me where everyone is ready to help without asking. So far, I have learned about the various different features of the Definely app, such as how it helps in understanding, drafting and reviewing legal documents.

As a sales intern, I have been shadowing senior team members while they are in meetings with clients to prepare meeting notes. I've learned how to locate and map out our target clients by using different platforms. In order to enhance my demo presentation skills, I am receiving training and intend to role-play with a few team members this week. I'm eager to develop and apply my current abilities to benefit the company for the remainder of my internship. I am planning to grow the sales pipeline, generate leads, increase revenue and add significant value to the company’s mission.

Heulwen Leung, Customer Success Intern

Hi everyone, my name is Heulwen. I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a BA in Political Science last year and I recently completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at The University of Law in London. As I am pursuing a career in commercial law, I looked for interesting work opportunities in the legal market and came across Definely. Definely appealed to me because I realised legal innovation is the key to success for ambitious law firms, and Definely’s proprietary technology solved the pain points in the fundamental work of lawyers – drafting and reviewing contracts.

Through the second week of my internship, I have already learned more about business and Legal Tech than I have from books. Aside from drafting communication notes and attending client calls with Allen & Overy and Slaughter and May, I was given the opportunity to build a sales funnel for Definely, which would provide a systemic roadmap to showcase how different departments complement each other through the entire sales process. As a Customer Success intern, I experienced first-hand how Definely values constant improvements through rigorously incorporating customers’ feedback into its new builds. What sets Definely apart is that the team understands post-purchase client success is as important as being able to attract customers in the first place.

Having a diverse and collaborative team also motivates me to go to work, on top of the iced latte at the A&O Fuse office. Next week, I will be creating sales collateral and demoing Definely’s products to law firms – can’t wait!

The AI Interns

Mohammad Esmaeili

I'm Mohammad Esmaeili. I am going to graduate with my second master's degree in AI in a couple of months. I've always loved working in Computer Science and on a project that can have a great impact on the world. One of the fields that I'm really interested in is Legal Tech. I decided to join Definely as a data scientist intern this summer to contribute to an already exciting project.

In my first few days at Definely, I quickly got the feeling that there is a great sense of teamwork within the AI team. We are encouraged to ask anything from the team without being shy or embarrassed. Everyone helps each other to meet deadlines and pushes each other to progress. So far I’ve been tasked with adding mulitple language features to our product so that more lawyers can use our plugin, thus making work for them more efficient.

For the rest of my internship, I'm trying to gain more experience in language models and to get involved with practical tasks I otherwise wouldn’t be able to access solely through my studies. I am excited to learn from my colleagues and to continue building long-lasting connections with other team members. 

Aman Satheesh

I am Aman, a Computer Science (Hons) graduate student in which I specialised in Artificial Intelligence. I joined Definely as an AI intern in July. The overall atmosphere was very welcoming by all the team and I have enjoyed my work as well as the team social activities immensely.


As an AI intern, I’ve become familiar with how the different processes work in building and deploying an AI model. Additionally, I was involved in interviewing members for the AI team as well as solving software-related issues, so I wasn’t restricted to solely doing work in the AI field. 

Working at Definely does not feel like a 9 to 5 job, but rather an exciting project. Everyone is always helpful and willing to lend a hand when I run into any issues, which only inspires me to work harder and succeed in my tasks. Looking ahead, the area in which I’m most excited about is the building and testing of new neural networks based on transformers as well as optimising algorithms for these networks.

Kateryna Leontieva

I am Katerina Leontieva, a Data Analyst and PM with skills in Applied Mathematics. I also have 2 years experience as a Business Analyst in three IT companies known throughout Ukraine. I am currently studying in Spain for my master’s in Artifical Intelligence. I am passionate about self-development and I continually strive to broaden my horizons by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My hobbies include: playing sports, reading, watching films and I can’t live without my cup of coffee in the morning. I am motivated and inspired by people who have achieved tremendous success in their lives through hard work. This continually drives me to someday realise my own personal goals.

The first week was busy and unpredictable. It wasn’t long before I had met everyone and was fully up to speed with my role. I have found everyone to be really open to suggestions and thoughtful with their replies. I am enjoying my time here immensely and it has only spurred me on further to develop my skills as a Data Analyst.

I am currently working on calculating the optimal working time and tracking the progress of the various teams within Definely. I have also created a spreadsheet on language knowledge for everybody in the company, this is something I really enjoyed. I’ve also been conducting daily interviews with new candidates, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the internship brings! 


Varvara Erinova

I am Varvara, I’ve long been passionate about IT and Maths since my school days. I have been studying NLP for almost two years and already have gained experience with all the main ML and DL tasks. I like to analyse texts and documents using NLP, which is why I thought that Definely would be the perfect place for me to grow my professional skills in these areas.

During my first two weeks at Definely, I have noticed the passion that everyone has in their work and how inspired they are to create something unique. I have learned a lot during my first two weeks here, such as writing more structured and beautiful code, as well as using new libraries and development tools.

Last week I finished developing a model for Spanish so that Spanish-speaking lawyers can now further benefit from our product. This week, I’ve just started to immerse myself in the knowledge bank, the concept of which I like incredibly, so I’m looking forward to start working on it fully. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and I’m so glad I chose to apply for an internship here at Definely.

Thinking of applying for an internship?

Interning is a great way to gain in-depth experience in the working world, apply the knowledge you've acquired throughout your education and take away lessons that will help you succeed in your career.

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