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Meet The Interns 2023 - Definely summer internship programme

Meet The Interns

One of the highlights of the year in the Definely Calendar, our annual Summer Internship Programme provides a unique opportunity for young students and professionals to gain insight into the fast-paced environment of one of the UK’s leading startups. 

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in our commercial department? Well, wonder no more as this year’s commercial team interns spill all! 

The Commercial Interns

Zuber Kishore Ajwani - Customer Success Intern

Hello, my name is Zuber Kishore Ajwani, and I recently graduated with a law degree from King’s College London. Having previously used legal technology, I was acutely aware of its benefits and wished to learn more about the industry before starting my training contract at the law firm Clyde & Co. Undoubtedly, Definely’s market-leading expertise in this field was my main reason for applying for an internship at Definely.

My four weeks spent at Definely have been full of learning. As a part of the Customer Success Team, I was given the responsibility of presenting demonstrations of both our drafting product,  Definely Draft, as well as our proofreading tool, Definely Proof. Apart from preparing a write-up for the law firm Shoosmiths, I was also given the opportunity to shadow the various Customer Success Managers in their client meetings with a number of other notable law firms. In addition to this exposure to real-world customers of ours, these interactions gave me insight into how Customer Success interacts with the Sales, Product and Marketing teams across Definely.

While at Definely, we were encouraged to understand how the different teams functioned. Each department organised various workshops to demonstrate what their day-to-day entails and to answer any of our questions. Personally, I greatly enjoyed learning about the Sales team where the Head of New Business, Nathan Killick, gave us insights into attracting and pitching to customers and prospective customers.  

All in all, I have enjoyed my time at Definely immensely. It really has been an enriching experience learning about all things LegalTech. The team was very welcoming and incredibly supportive right from the start and quickly made us interns feel very comfortable. I loved the fact there was special emphasis on getting us involved in different projects as well as regularly providing us feedback to enhance our skills. 

Victor Oluyemi- Sales Enablement Intern

Hello! My name is Victor Oluyemi and I am a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent University where I completed my LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degree and have joined Definely as a Sales Enablement Intern.  During my first week, my manager, Ice Prisanadilok, helped me quickly get up to speed with the various systems we use, with Confluence in particular being a vital part of my learning while at the company. I was able to gain valuable experience watching customer demos, and learning about Defienly’s market-leading products, some of which haven’t yet been released to the public; that in particular, was very exciting to see! 

During my second week, I started to get more hands-on with projects. Whether it was helping to test new builds, or collaborating with other departments, it was great to be given the opportunity to help where I could.

As the internship continued, my fellow interns and I were given the responsibility of hosting the weekly, company-wide ‘All-Hands’ meeting. We became affectionately known as ‘The Three Musketeers’. 

My takeaways from my time at Definely have been plentiful! The culture is incredibly collective, everybody really pulls together and works collaboratively which I think is first and foremost amazing to see, but also vital in a startup. I’ve loved my time here and it certainly will stand me in good stead for my future.

Angela Makubuya - Marketing Intern

Hello, my name is Angela and I am currently studying Marketing at the University of Kent. I started my time at Definely working remotely, where I became acquainted with my fellow interns and Delicia Owusu-Akontoh who helped organise the internship and was always a friendly face throughout the programme.

My first few days were filled with familiarising myself with the various processes and learning about all things Marketing. I was involved in the creation of an infographic, the repurposing a blog post from earlier this year. I became familiar with tracking customer sources and campaign effectiveness through UTM parameters and the Google UTM builder from my manager Elliott Begley. I also became well-versed in marketing jargon, courtesy of both Matt Withnall and Elliott, who were both very receptive to my unending questions and suggestions.

During the following days, I visited the new office space in London and delved into the contract lifecycle, identifying the target audience, and analysing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses on social media. I also had the privilege of meeting the founders, and after an insightful meeting with Feargus MacDaeid, I became an expert in the origins of the Definely! 

As the internship went on I delved deeper into creating copy for emails, social media posts and helped with the editing of various videos for use at a later date. I received a tour of Pardot, our marketing automation platform, where I was awed by the analytical side of marketing. I ended my time at Definely by learning about the stages of event planning, which play a huge role in Definely’s success annually.

The people I had the privilege to work with and speak with during my internship were truly exceptional. Their friendliness, support, and willingness to share their expertise created an environment where I could learn and grow immensely. The story of the company itself was deeply inspiring, and hearing about its journey from its origins to its current success has left a profound impact on me. The lessons I’ve learned, both professionally and personally, will undoubtedly remain with me throughout the entirety of my career. Some examples include:

  • The importance of time management - Matt
  • When it comes to Marketing, just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you should - Elliott
  • If you solve a problem for disabled persons, you probably solve a problem for everyone - Feargus and Nnamdi

Though my time was short, I will definitely miss Definely. From quoting films in meetings, to surprising 11am lunch breaks, it has been an experience I’ll never forget.

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