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Definely set to build a safe solution using Generative-AI

Last week, an article featured in titled “Vendors Market Gen AI Models as Safe or Privacy-Compliant. How Does Legal Check?” highlighted that there have been concerns within the legal industry regarding the veracity of certain vendors’ claims about the extent of what their Generative AI solutions can actually do.

It suggests that there is a degree of anxiousness about whether AI-powered LegalTech solutions are, in fact, safe or as privacy-compliant as some might indicate.We understand that right now there is a lot of talk about AI seemingly everywhere one goes, both positive and negative.

We also understand that concerns in regard to Generative AI are real and well-placed.We sat down with our Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Feargus MacDaeid, to gather his thoughts and provide some insight into how Definely is combating these fears.​​

“Within the industry at present, too many are rushing too quickly to build a solution in order to capitalise on what is an incredibly exciting market at the expense of security. In reality, slow and steady wins the race.
At Definely, having been founded by former lawyers, by working daily with leading international law firms and by continuing to employ former lawyers, we understand this risk wholly.We intend to build a Generative AI solution that simply cannot put clients’ data at risk.
Our approach is to consult with our customers to aggregate our combined knowledge and offer a suite of solutions that guarantees both privacy and security, with the promise that no data shall ever leave the client’s network or control. Indeed, even we will not have access to it once the system is in place. Ultimately, we know that nothing will work for our customers if you can’t give that guarantee, and honestly, we wouldn’t want to build anything that risked their reputation or ours.
After a lot of research and many conversations, we know that a safe solution using Generative AI can be built, and that is what we are in the process of doing so that our customers can maximise their efficiency and bring maximum value to their clients.” Feargus MacDaeid, Chief Strategy Officer at Definely.
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