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Definely Welcomes Asian Development Bank as a Customer

Asian Development Bank adopts Definely Draft

Asian Development Bank (ADB) becomes Definely’s first institutional customer in Asia and the Pacific (APAC). After a successful pilot to an initial group of lawyers, demand to onboard the solution within the bank continued to grow, with Definely Draft now being used across the legal team at ADB.

“Definely is legal tech at its best - a simple yet powerful idea executed well, offering an immediate productivity boost, particularly when dealing with lengthy documents.  It’s another key step in our legal team’s digital transformation.” Blair Day, Counsel at Asian Development Bank

ADB’s commitment to sustainability and innovation

Driven by the belief that “environmental sustainability is a prerequisite for economic growth and poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific”, ADB is committed to innovation, adopting new technology to help with its environmental, social and governance goals.

“We need to ensure that we stay current and leverage new thinking as it emerges. We need to embrace digitalisation and develop the skills to be more impactful as an organisation,” Bruce Gosper, Vice-President for Administration and Corporate Management at Asian Development Bank

With Definely’s flagship product, the bank's in-house legal team can now automate tedious tasks and focus on the work that matters to those that need their help the most. Definely Draft also helps lawyers reduce their carbon footprint by removing the need to print hard copies to review legal documents, saving over 375 trees and 37.5 million litres of water per year.

Definely’s expansion into APAC

On a mission to simplify the way the world understands information, the onboarding of the Asian Development Bank marks Definely’s continued growth in the APAC region. As we increase our presence in international markets, we’re delighted to welcome more and more financial institutions and in-house teams, as well as law firms, as customers.

“It is an exciting time for Definely as we expand into new territories and we’re delighted to welcome Asian Development Bank on board as a customer.” Rhys Hodkinson, Chief Commercial Officer at Definely

For more information on how Definely is helping lawyers worldwide deliver more value in less time, get in touch with our experts today.

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