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Customer Story
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Why bringing Definely on board was an
easy choice for Slaughter and May.

Legal Services
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Slaughter and May is one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, who has built a reputation for excellence on the strength of its people, combined with a fresh, innovative approach to work.

We sat down with Emma Walton, Senior Knowledge and Innovation Manager, and Jack Higgins, Associate, to learn about Definely's impact within the firm.

Definely’s USP really is being able to click your definitions, click your clause references and be able to see them in that right-hand panel.
No one else was doing that, which made it quite an easy choice to be able to choose Definely. - Emma Walton

Slaughter and May use both Definely Draft, the one-click tool for drafting legal documents and were also the very first firm to onboard Definely Proof, our AI-powered legal proofreading tool. The combination of both allows its lawyers to draft and review legal documents in one place, with one tool.

The law firm identified that its lawyers were spending too much time proofreading documents, which is an inefficient use of their time. Bringing on Definely frees up much of this time to allow them to focus on more value-adding work.

“Before Definely I used to either have to scroll up and down in the same document, which was really clunky and laborious, or I'd have to have multiple versions of the same document open, which obviously takes up space on your computer. It's not a very sensible or efficient way to work.
Now with Definely I can just work in one document and I have the confidence that I can just start at the top and work through it in a thorough, methodical, careful way. 
I also think it gives me greater confidence that the work I'm producing is not going to be littered with silly mistakes because Definely’s tools allow you to ensure that the document hangs together in the way that it should.” - Jack Higgins

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