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Our Story

Definely was originally conceived by two lawyers working at Magic Circle law firm Freshfields, one of whom was one of the few registered blind lawyers practising in London. Together, they set out to discover a way to increase the accessibility of legal documents to those with visual impairments and realised their innovation solved a pain point faced by all lawyers on a daily basis.

At Definely we use cutting-edge techniques to automate and drive productivity. With our team’s unique blend of engineers, technologists, lawyers and entrepreneurs, Definely's solutions are used and loved by some of the world's largest law firms, financial institutions and multinational corporations including Deloitte, Allen & Overy and Dentons.

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Definely Leadership

Our team is led by ex-lawyers, sales professionals and technologists with experience from Freshfields, Baker McKenzie, IBM and EMC.

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Meet The Definers

The Definely Suite

Efficiency tools for legal documents

Your one-click tool for drafting legal documents

Save time hunting down definitions and references so you can focus on the work clients value.

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Your AI-powered legal proofreading solution

Protect your reputation and produce pristine contracts with AI-powered proofreading tools.

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Your PDF reader for scanned and digital contracts

Unlock the meaning of definitions and references in any PDF for crystal clear context.

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