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May 23, 2022

Allen & Overy Go Global with Fuse Alumni Definely

Ice Prisanadilok
Business Development Analyst

As Definely returns for the 6th cohort of Fuse, we’re delighted to announce Allen & Overy has rolled out Definely firm-wide. Since joining Fuse in 2019, our continued collaboration with Allen & Overy has helped us shape our products and empower their lawyers with cutting-edge legal technology to simplify their contracting process.


As early adopters of Definely, Allen & Overy began piloting our flagship product in 2020, rolling it out to an initial cohort of 50 lawyers. Fast-forward to 2022, more than 900 lawyers have installed the plug-in to assist them with day-to-day drafting.


Definely unlocks a streamlined process for lawyers when drafting and reviewing legal documents - automating non-billable work and enabling users to access definitions and references without leaving the context of their review.


Ben Brooks, an Associate in the London Corporate team, shares his thoughts on why introducing Definely into his drafting workflow has been a real game-changer:

“Running Definely is the first thing I do when opening a contract. It is both a tool for accessing references and inserting definitions, but more importantly, a tool that I use in real-time when drafting and constructing a contract. I would not want to draft a contract without using Definely.”


Similarly, Hugh Robinson – a Partner at A&O, states that:

“Definely makes the review of documents easier, in particular as we shift to reviewing large documents on screen and away from paper. It also ensures that the documents we produce are of a higher quality and have a greater internal consistency. We have seen good global adoption across our Corporate team and strong feedback from our lawyers on the ability for the tool to speed up and improve their work.”


Used by Associates and Partners alike, the demand for Definely products across the firm is a testament to Allen & Overy’s pioneering approach to digital transformation. As an enterprise customer, the firm benefits from dedicated support and training available to lawyers across the network, as well as custom-built features and tools to enhance their drafting process further.


“We’re delighted to have an ongoing relationship with Allen & Overy. The customer feedback we’ve received to date has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re looking forward to shaping the Definely product roadmap as we kick off Fuse Cohort 6,” said Rhys Hodkinson, CCO at Definely.


For more information on how Definely is helping lawyers at leading law firms, get in touch with our experts today.

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Save time hunting down definitions and references and focus on work clients value

Save time hunting down definitions and references and focus on work clients value

Save time hunting down definitions and references and focus on work clients value