Nnamdi Emelifeonwu

Founder and CEO

My role is to lead our incredible team as we seek to make Definely a household name that is synonymous with reading, understanding and drafting documents. I started my career as a solicitor at Magic Circle law firm Freshfields. It was here that I met my cofounder, who was one of the few registered blind lawyers practicing as a solicitor in the City. Together, we set out to discover a way to increase the accessibility of legal documents to those with visual impairments and realised our innovation had a much broader use case for anyone reading legal contracts, not just the visually impaired. So in 2017, I left my legal career and ventured into LegalTech full-time. A few career highlights come to mind including being selected in the inaugural EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List in 2017, getting a former Dragon as an investor, winning our first customer, raising over £3 million, getting a non-dilutive cash award from Google For Start-ups and Definely being named one of the 10 most promising start-ups in the UK by Tech Nation. However I think the one I am still most proud of was finding the courage to leave a secure and prestigious career to launch a business. Outside of building products to help people, I love travelling, going to the theatre and playing poker with friends.