Kamil Koziel

UX/UI Designer

My role is to make sure that Definely products are not only easy to use but pleasing to the eye. My journey as a designer began when I was 11 years old, exploring various internet forums and the topic of Graphic Design caught my eye.  When I was 14 I got my first freelance job that gave me a lot of joy and excitement, then I decided that this is the path I want to follow. A standout moment in my career was the day, friends and I decided to not only create design, but also support people in learning design. During those few years we gathered above 3000 designers in our community and our meetings have grown from single workshops to a cyclical 2-day event. Outside of design, I'm passionate about football - playing unprofessionally on the pitch, on video game & watching (mostly on TV). I used to run OCR (Obstacle Course Races) and even a OCR mountain marathon (50km with 120 obstacles in the mountains).