Ice Prisanadilok

Business Development Analyst

My role is to help drive Definely's fast-paced growth, including identifying new business opportunities and supporting our customers. As a law student, I wanted to understand how technology is disrupting the legal industry and explored this curiosity through a student society at university. As part of the society's committee, I came across Definely when we organised the Law x Tech Conference 2020, in which Definely was invited as one of our legal-tech speakers.  I instantly became attracted to Definely’s internship programme when it was posted and was fortunate enough to be selected for the internship and now work full time with Definely. In my university years, a highlight of mine was learning how to start a podcast and launching KIIPSSPEAK for my society - the first student-led legal-tech podcast at KCL. Pre-pandemic time, I enjoy doing indoor rock-climbing! Post-pandemic, you'll find me staying active through pilates and LesMills outside of work. Sometimes I'll pick up my guitar or do spontaneous voiceovers for random projects. After countless attempts during lockdown, I've now mastered the headstand in yoga. :D